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The Oak leaf

BY FEGA Master Engraver
Tom Harvey

QTY: One-of-One
Title: The Oakleaf, a Colt Combat Commander 1911
Master Engraver: Tom Harvey ​

Precious Metals: 24kt Gold, Pure Platinum
Grip Material: Genuine Oakwood grips with Silver Colt Rampart Medallions
Finish: Colt Blue, Selective Blue Removal
Magazine: Colt Original

Manufactured Year: 1978
Serial Number: R15876
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 4”
Condition: Excellent

2 reviews for The Oak Leaf

  1. william

    I’m sure my preference for the Commander plays into it, but the closest word that comes to mind is elegant! Nice coverage but reserved and dignified!
    Taste and economy is critical in any art form and in this pistol I think you nailed it!

  2. NealS (verified owner)

    I really liked The Oak Leaf, Colt Commander, so I bought it. Now having received it, I love it. Quoting William (previous review), it is “elegant”, “nice coverage but reserved”, “dignified”, and the engraving by Master Engraver Tom Harvey is a genuine work of art. Thank you very much, I will enjoy this piece.

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