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In 1775, the Transylvania Colony, also referred to as the Transylvania Purchase, was a short-lived, extra-legal colony founded by North Carolina land speculator, Richard Henderson, who formed and controlled the Transylvania Company.

American pioneer, Daniel Boone, also had an interest for the “sylvania” suffix. If he’d had his way, Kentucky would have been called Transylvania, and the colony’s capital, Boonesborough.

Boone served as a militia officer during the Revolutionary War (1775–1783), which was fought in Kentucky primarily between American settlers and British-allied Indians. Boone was taken in by Shawnees in 1778 and adopted into the tribe, but he resigned and continued to help protect the Kentucky settlements.


Shipping from August 2024


The Transylvania Colony was located in what is now the central and western parts of Kentucky, and an area of north central Tennessee.

SK Guns commemorates pioneer and frontiersman, Daniel Boone, one of the first national hero’s by launching the third series in the Lost States of America Engravers Series. Limited to only 200 full-size government model Colt 1911 pistols chambered in .45ACP, each pistol will be accompanied with a commemorative antique challenge coin. 

Details on the right side of the gun’s slide include a map of the region in 24k Gold plating with the State of Transylvania decorated in silver, and a deeply etched floral scroll. A portrait of Richard Henderson, and the Coat of Arms with special edition numbers of One of 200 is featured on the gun’s slide.


Shipping from August 2024

On the left of the gun’s slide includes a depiction of the 1775 Meeting of Transylvania House of Delegates, a continuation of the deeply etched floral scroll, and the iconic Colt logo on the rear panel.

On top of the slide is a portrait of Daniel Boone, and his hunting dog, along with the Great Seal of Kentucky and the Lost State of Transylvania in a 24k Gold ribbon. 

The slide and frame flats are high polished with selective 24K Gold plated controls and the grips are made from selectively handpicked genuine Kentucky Bourbon barrels.


Shipping from August 2024

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  1. Johnlee

    Gorgeous job, I love how SK does such a great job commemorating our Nations history which such great detail. Definately adding this to my collection of their Lost States of America engravers series. 10 out of 10!!

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