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SK Customs partners with Springfield Armory, marking a new era by launching their very first engravers model 1911 with the Early Italian Renaissance Series debuting with Michelangelo, a limited-edition of only 250 numbered units. The Early Italian Renaissance Series symbolizes the turn of the 15th century marking a cultural rebirth, with a focus on classical knowledge, art, and humanism that sparked unprecedented innovations in painting, sculpture, and architecture.

The first firearm of this collection showcases Michelangelo’s iconic sculpture, “David.” Known for its impeccable craftsmanship, the sculpture is portrayed on the firearm, paying homage to the renowned artist’s talent. The firearm also features depictions of Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel Ceiling, showcasing the moment when God and Adam’s fingers almost touch, as well as the revered “Madonna della Pietá.”


SK Customs uses proprietary color conversion engineering to create a teal color that is highly reflective and permanent. Michelangelo wears genuine imported Italian Olivewood grip panels engraved with Italy’s Fleur De Lis which are hand painted to match the teal accents on the slide.


SK Customs applies a semi-polished finish to the frame and slide flats, a high-polished barrel, and selective 24k gold plating to the artwork and select parts.


9 reviews for Early Italian Renaissance Michelangelo

  1. Timothy G. Smith

    Bravo! The finest 1911 ever to emerge from the craftsmen and craftswomen of Springfield Armory!

  2. Tony fletcher

    Amazing artistic mesmerizing I can go on!

  3. Alfonso Sosa


  4. Jeffrey Linhart

    What a beautiful piece, now I have to convince the wife that I “need” this…

  5. Glenn Collom

    The best 1911 I have ever seen, or wanted. This is the best workmanship I have ever seen the best detailed engraving I have even seen, the handle it is all so beautiful you can’t say enough. I could talk all day about it.

  6. Al

    Such fine craftsmanship, I don’t know if I would even shoot them they’re so beautiful. Ya I would! Lol

  7. Rafael Algarin

    Wow amazing

  8. Frank R in Laveen, AZ

    Absolutely beautiful. Well done everybody, well done…

  9. Jason

    beautiful! I want it

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