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SK Customs releases “LUCHANDO TIGRE,” the third production in the Untamed Series of the world’s deadliest predators.
This year’s Untamed production brings together both a native ritual and a deadly predator.

“LUCHANDO TIGRE” (translated: Fighting Tiger) comes from the native Atsatsilistli ritual (request for rain) performed on May 5th in the Mexican state of Guerrero to offer blood – drawn from fighting between native participants – to the earth and god Tláloc, in exchange for the rain necessary for a good harvest.

Dressed in a tiger personification equipped with a rope, which is bathed in mezcal (a distilled alcoholic beverage made of agave) giving it the hardness needed to whip the opponent’s body, the tribute’s shed blood is the offering required by Tláloc in order to send the rain.


Shipping from Cinco de Mayo (May 5th 2024)

We also depict a deadly tiger shown wrapped around the entire slide leaping towards its prey with teeth and claws open, once locked on tearing apart its prey.

Luchando Tigre is a limited-edition production run of only (200) Colt 1911 Full-Size Government Models chambered in 38 Super, featuring a semi-polished stainless finish on the slide and frame flats.


The tiger is covered in 24k gold with black-filled stripes and selective silver-plated eyes, teeth and claws. The Colt logo decorates the rear left panel and the right is engraved with each gun’s unique issued series number.
The production comes complete with a set of rare specimen genuine tiger maple wood grips showing off stripes that go across the grain resembling a tiger’s coat with 24k gold Colt Rampart inserts.


8 reviews for Untamed Luchando Tigre

  1. nemmka (verified owner)

    absolutely gorgeous…my 4th from them…

  2. Jerry

    This is hot! The grips are a perfect match!!

  3. Nick RD

    super sexy.

  4. Hermann Hernandez

    Tigre peleando.muy bonita pistola


    very nice

  6. John Rosales

    It’s so gorgeous

  7. Octavio Arias

    Muy bonita pistola me gusta para mi colecion un 20

  8. Dave McCune


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