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SK Customs is proud to celebrate “The Lady of Guadalupe” Day with the Gun of the Year, a limited-edition Colt 1911 chambered in .38 Super. With only 300 units available, the Lady of Guadalupe firearm commemorates great cultural and religious significance.

The royal blue polished pistol pays homage to the miraculous appearances of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego, who was an Aztec convert to Christianity, on December 9 and December 12, 1531. During her first apparition she requested that a shrine to her be built on the spot where she appeared, Tepeyac Hill, which is now in a suburb of Mexico City.

The slide features illustrations of the roses that Mary presented to Juan Diego during her second apparition. In a second audience with the bishop, Juan Diego opened his cloak, letting dozens of roses fall to the floor and revealing the image of Mary imprinted on the inside of the cloak.



On the rear panels of the firearm, St. Juan Diego and the Crescent moon are depicted at Her feet, adorned with stars and the special edition number 001 of 300 in 24k Gold.

The top of the slide portrays the image of Our Lady Guadalupe accompanied by an Angel at her feet with wings reminiscent of the Eagle wings from the Mexican flag. The 24k Gold stars strewn across her mantle imply that the Lady is greater than the stars in the sky, which the Aztecs worshipped as gods. This same image signifies her historical significance during the Mexican War of Independence and the Great Revolution of 1910.



To complete this custom gun, SK Customs has meticulously polished the frame, slide, barrel, and hardware, adding a 24k Gold to select parts. This symbolic, limited-edition Colt is made complete with Kirinite® grips matching the 24k Gold stars and the gold emblem of the iconic Rampant Colt.



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Model Number

#007 of 300, #006 of 300, #005 of 300, #004 of 300, #002 of 300, #008 of 300

22 reviews for Lady of Guadalupe

  1. John Bishop

    Beautiful!!! another work of art which I must have. Thank you SK

  2. Mathew

    What a deal, outstanding gunsmith.

  3. Pete

    Beautiful….. My wife wants the rosary in the pics…. you should have that as part of the package!

  4. Al

    It may require a loan on the house but my wife says this is a treasure we must have!

  5. Felipe D. Koenig Gonzalez

    Wow. If I wasn’t in such dismal financial shape right now, I would JUMP on this offer. Thank you for doing this. Us Mexicans love the Virgin of Guadalupe. I would have this as my carry-gun everytime I go to church! Outstanding!

  6. CB

    It already shot me with its beauty.
    I wouldn’t want to shoot it because of that. Nice craftsmanship and color choices. Way to stick to the heritage.

  7. Jeff Cruise King

    I’m not a big fan of pretty gun but I am now

  8. Selena H

    Omg!!! Please someone anyone please I really need this!!!! There is now way I could let this go by, I have to have it!!!! Is there a kind hearted soul that would get this for me?!?! Payback will be arranged!!!!

  9. Milan

    Awesome piece. I would be a player but the blue grips are just a bit out there for me. I understand the connection of blue to the Virgin Mary however I don’t think she would mind if they were black and gold.

  10. Marvin

    Continues to Amaze Me. The Art and Complexity of the Design is Unique. ???

  11. Randy


  12. jl mullervy

    WOW !

  13. Anthony Incantalupo

    I think it is beautiful, but would like one made with the theme about the NYPD , New York City Police Department

  14. Rodrigo e garza jr

    That so Beautiful .. I want it..

  15. Michael Delahoussaye

    Beautiful work, priced good for the detailed artwork. The 1911 is a great choice.

  16. Maryann

    This is a beauty.

  17. Jorge lopez

    Another beautiful 38 I love it my wife love’s it too

  18. Joseph Roosevelt Gregory

    Wow beautiful gun I wish I could say like some of the other people in here I must have one LOL I can only daydream about that but this is one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful 1911s I’ve ever seen to own one of these one is truly lucky

  19. Alex Sanchez (verified owner)

    Just ordered mine it’s such a beautiful firearm. This gun I’m actually buying as a remembrance to my grandmother she loved lady of Guadalupe my grandmother’s name was Rosemary and growing up we had roses bushes all over the house just like this gun. I’m looking at buying a beautiful display case for her so I can always remember my grandma that raised me

  20. Freď Noble

    If looks could kill? It is truly beautiful

  21. Marcos Leandro

    it´s a shame that we Brazilian can´t have this beautiful weapon due to the current situation in Brasil

  22. JD6672 (verified owner)

    I don’t know which 1911 I Love more, My Pancho Villa or this Virgencita ? Thank you so much for the execution of these traditional Mexican icons ? The Grips are captivating and the finish is impeccable? True works of art????

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