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SK Customs is proud to debut “Pancho Villa,” the first pistol in a brand-new series, “La Revolución.” This production celebrates the 100-year anniversary of Mexico’s revolutionary general, Francisco “Pancho” Villa, who forced President Porfirio out of power, bringing in Francisco I. Madero in 1911.

The Mexican Revolution lasted just over 10 years, destroying the Federal Army and serving as a defining event of modern Mexican history.
As a limited-edition production run of only 300 Full Size Government Model Colt 1911 chambered in 38 Super, “Pancho Villa” kicks off this historical series honoring a rich piece of history. Each pistol will include a special engraved edition number.

*Shipping from late Feb 2023

The left side of the firearm includes a depiction of the “Monument to the Revolution” in Mexico City. A beautiful Cannas floral scroll with frosted shadowing frame a dramatic illustration of Pancho Villa on horseback galloping into battle. 

Shadowing frame a dramatic illustration of Pancho Villa on horseback galloping into battle. The side is completed with the general’s Army, known as “División del Norte” (Division of the North), holding a banner with Pancho Villa’s iconic phrase, “Fusílenlo, después averiguamos,” translated as “Shoot him, we’ll find out later.”

The coat of arms Free and Sovereign State of Durango emblem, along with the word REVOLUCION, decorate the right side of the firearm.

Selective coverage of Cannas floral scroll with frosted shadowing border a right profile design of Pancho Villa fearlessly galloping into battle. This side of the pistol is completed with the phrase, “El Centauro del Norte” translated “The Centaur of the North.”

An accentuated portrait of Pancho Villa with the engraving “1878-1923 Centenaro,” signifying the 100th Anniversary of his passing sits on the top of the slide. The top of the ejection port showcases Pancho Villa’s Bandolier loaded with .30-30 caliber cartridges. The area in front of the rear sight depicts Mexico’s coat of arms, 1899-1917.

The gun is perfected with the highly polished frame, slide, barrel and hardware, featuring selective silver and gold plating on the slide and hardware. Custom replica antique gold peso coin medallions embellish the new Kirinite style grips.

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  1. Michael Vera

    Exllent piece.

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