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The Ben Shostle

BY Master Engraver
Ben Shostle

QTY: One-of-One
Title: Ben Shostle Single Action Army, a colt single action army
Master Engraver: Ben Shostle ​

Precious Metals: 24kt Gold
Grip Material: Genuine Mother Of Pearl
Finish: Colt Blue, Color casehardened
Generation: three

Manufactured Year: 1993
Serial Number: SA99887
Caliber: 45LC
Barrel Length: 4.75”
Condition: Excellent

Original price was: $20,865.00.Current price is: $19,380.00.

Original price was: $20,865.00.Current price is: $19,380.00.

2 reviews for The Ben Shostle

  1. Debbie Saylor

    The most prettiest guns i have ever seen love them

  2. Carolyn I. Butler

    A magnificent work of art combining my favorite color case and Colt blue tastefully accented with gold.

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