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The Untamed Anaconda SK Customs® Announces First Gun of New Series, The Untamed

SK Customs proud to announce a brand-new series representing the world’s most dangerous predators, The Untamed. This production offers a limited-edition series of only 200 Colt Anaconda revolvers chambered in 44 Magnum with a 6” barrel. Kicking off the new production is the Untamed Anaconda.

“We’re extremely excited to hit the ground running in 2023 with the launch of The Untamed collectable Colt series,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs. “These Colt firearms represent a variety of intimidating yet fascinating predators, beginning with one of the world’s largest reptiles. The Untamed Anaconda is a beautifully designed gun depicting unique features never seen before on a firearm.”

Discovered deep within the rainforests and river basins of Colombia, Venezuela, Northern Bolivia, and South-Central Brazil, the Anaconda is a powerful predator. All throughout the jungles of South America, the snake wraps itself around its prey, crushing the skeletal system before swallowing it whole. Collectors and firearm enthusiasts can soon get their hands on the Untamed Anaconda, a tribute to this predator that slithers within the riverbeds, marshes, and swamps, going unnoticed until it’s too late.

The Untamed Anaconda firearm offers a Uniquely Custom® design, detailed in full coverage of the Anaconda’s endoskeleton, a design never seen before on any Colt Snake gun until now. The firearm is completed with a high polished finish and white Kirinite grips engraved with the Anaconda’s partially prehensile endoskeleton tail.