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SK Customs THE MANA Sneak Preview

Collectors and Gun Enthusiasts, the time has come that you've all been waiting for a Sneak Preview into SK Customs THE MANA, a Limited Edition Production of 200 Colt 1911 .38 Super (Now in Production!!)

After months of Design Development. SK Customs and partners are ready to share a sneak preview of our currently in production THE MANA a Limited-Edition of Custom Colt 1911 .38 supers. There will only be 200 of these ever made. Reservations are being taken. Please contact us to reserve your fine engravers edition piece of art and secure your limited edition series number now!

Every detail that has gone into creating this fine engravers limited edition collection is one that cannot be duplicated even if tried. Every line, every shape, every image on this custom piece all represent something stronger than anyone can ever imagine.

The Inspiration:

Inspired by Polynesian Tribal Art. The Polynesian people have a culture dating back to the 1800s BC. The Polynesians believed that symbolic images could display a person’s spiritual power, which they referred to as MANA. This is why these symbols are commonly known as Polynesian Art and why their representations have been so strong and meaningful for so many centuries and centuries to come. … People of ancient Polynesia have some of the most beautiful and powerful beliefs known to all cultures and owning this fine engravers limited edition piece of this art will be historical.

The Motifs:


Legends say that the Earth and Sky were once tightly embracing each other. Their children lived in darkness between them until they joined together to push their father up, thus letting the light in between them for humanity to see and prosper. On this account of motifs its representation of ancestors and the sky as well, being known by the name ANI ATA, or “cloudy sky”.



They symbolize the warrior, prosperity, and fisherman providing and protecting for the family.



Based on their characteristics and on myths and legends, sharks (and therefore the shark teeth motifs used to represent them) are symbolic of strength, guile, protection and guidance. Triangles are an ubiquitous element in Polynesian art.



The Turtle, another important creature throughout all Polynesian cultures and has been associated with meanings that turtles symbolize courage, health, fertility, longevity, love, patience in life, and foundation.


Stingrays always act as a symbol of speed, agility and protection. The best feature of a Stingray is that they can be for both male and female and can hold the symbolic meaning to the carrier.



Lizards and Geckos are very powerful creatures who bring good luck, communicate between the humans and the Gods and who can access the invisible world. Another belief is that they can also bring death and bad omens to people who are disrespectful.


One meaning of the word TIKI is “Figure”, so TIKI is the name given to human-like figures that usually represent semi-gods as opposed to ATUA, who usually appear to men under the shape of animals such as the Lizard.

The TIKI can also represent deified ancestors, priests and chiefs who became semi-gods after their passing. They symbolize protection, fertility and they serve as guardians.


TIKI figures can be portrayed in a front view (sometimes with their tongue stretched out as a symbol of defiance to enemies). Here is one of the most important elements of the TIKI and the Eyes.


The Owl has a rich symbolic value. The Owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge.


Because of its black plumage, croaking call and diet of carrion, the Raven is often associated with loss and ill omen. Yet its symbolism is complex. As a talking bird, the Raven also represents prophecy and insight. Ravens in stories often act as psychopomps, connecting the material world with the world of spirits.



Dolphins are considered lucky in many different cultures and a symbol of protection. This belief stems from the fact that ancient sailors who had spent months or even years at sea, found the sight of Dolphins swimming around their ships to be the first sign that land was near.


The stylizations of the Ocean or Waves can often represent ideas such as life, change and continuity through change. Waves can also be used to represent the world beyond or the place where the departed go and rest on their last voyage.



The Koru (Spiral) symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and harmony. Inspired by unfurled ferns. The Single twist represents the path of life and is the symbol of eternity.

Do not miss out on this historical limited edition fine piece of history. Make your reservations now and book your special edition series number!