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SK Customs® Restores History with Second Edition of Lost States of America Engravers Series

SK Customs® continues to restore history through Lost State of Franklin, the long awaited second gun in Lost States of America Engravers Series. SK Customs takes only 200 full-size government model Colt 1911 pistols chambered in .45ACP, each paired with a commemorative antique challenge coin to create this limited-edition collection.

“In honor of General John Sevier and the Franklinites, we are thrilled to introduce the second installment of our Lost States of America Engravers Series,” said Simon Khiabani, owner, and founder of SK Customs. “Following the Lost State of San Jacinto, this custom firearm showcases the rich history of Tennessee and influential role of General Sevier.”

SK Customs takes classic Colts and crafts beautifully historic collectibles, showcasing the most influential leaders and significant events. Lost State of Franklin boasts intricate details commemorating Tennessee’s history and iconic founding father, General Sevier. 

Featuring a 24K gold-plated map of the region with the State of Franklin decorated in silver, the slide depicts deep-etched floral scrollwork and selective 24K gold plating of Tennessee’s state tree, the Tulip Poplar. 

The Battle of Franklin is engraved through a 24K gold banner. A continuation of the floral scrollwork leads to Franklin’s Declaration of Rights, with the iconic Colt logo adorning the rear panel. The rear panel features Benjamin Franklin’s Coat of Arms, with special edition numbers denoting the pistol’s place as one of 200.

The firearm is topped with a portrait of General John Sevier along with the Great Seal of Tennessee. The pistol’s grips are made from genuine Oak Tennessee whiskey barrels, while the slide and frame flats are expertly polished completing this exquisite piece.

Order yours today for $2,650.