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SK Customs Gods of Egypt: Anubis Kicks Off Bold Series

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SK Customs just announced the release of a unique collector-grade 1911, quite unlike most you typically see. The SK Customs Gods of Egypt series brings Ancient Egypt alive with a highly decorative take on the classic pistol. The series begins with the Anubis.

SK Customs Anubis Gods of Egypt Series

The God of Egypt guns come as a limited edition. Only 200 Smith & Wesson 1911 Engravers Series receive this treatment. The pistols focus on Anubis, an ancient god of cemeteries, embalming and the protection of graves. Anubis would play an important role in the journey to the afterlife, according to SK Customs. So the jackal-headed deity resided over the care of the dead and the loved ones of the Egyptians.

“The Anubis is nothing short of a work of art, depicting the fascinating history and culture of the ancient Egyptians,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs. “We’re in the business of crafting one-of-a-kind collectibles accentuating historical events, influential leaders, rituals, cultures and more. The Anubis is the perfect gun to commence the Gods of Egypt series.”

The S&W 1911 comes chambered in .45 ACP. Each side of the firearm features Egyptian hieroglyphics working toward the muzzle. The right side illustrates Anubis engraved in 24k gold. Meanwhile, the left side depicts Anubis performing mummification of the deceased. The rear panels symbolize key Egyptian concepts–truth and justice. A scale weights a heart against a feather. The top of the slide features engraving with the hieroglyphic Ankh symbol meaning “life.”

A stunning custom 24k gold pyramid decorates the front sight. Serrations deeply etched with a lotus flower represent creation and rebirth. Each grip panel represents Anubis and the rich history of the ancient Egyptians.

The Gods of Egypt 1911 retails for $2,700. For even more info, please visit    

Editor’s Note:

There’s something suddenly in the water when it comes to Egyptology and collector-grade firearms! Just a few days ago, we brought you coverage on the incredible Beretta SL3 Tutankhamum. This is quite literally a shotgun seemingly plucked from the hands of the ancient kings. But that one, well it’s more like unobtanium. If you want to pay homage to ancient Egypt with a blaster, the God of Egypt 1911 is a sure bet.

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