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Pew Pew Club Introduces The Mana Collectors 1911 from SK Customs

Introducing The Mana Collectors 1911 from SK Customs

October 21, 2020 by: Pew Pew Club


Some pieces just look too good to shoot and this might be the case with the latest addition of to the custom 1911 market from SK Customs. The Mana is a 1911 intended to be a collectable piece with only 200 being produced and the design taking inspiration from Polynesian influence. This is just one of a two-part limited edition designer series that SK Customs will be producing in their Colt 1911 .38 Super series 70 Model. Their description of the two-parter can be read below.

SK Customs Introduces The Mana Collectors 1911

The MANA is a product of nearly a years’ worth of design research and design development efforts with an exclusive new Copyrighted designer series conception in combining the most highly-desired finishes and incorporated with a groundbreaking approach to design a Polynesian Ethos on a Full Size Colt 1911 .38 Super which was decided by the size, caliber and collectability. Scheduled to start shipping in October of 2020 we are taking orders now for special edition numbers. Part-Two of this Designer Series is scheduled to start shipping in 2021 Collectors of Part-One will have the first rights to the matching special edition number on Part-Two! “THE HAKA”

Mana is defined as the spiritual life’s forces of energy or healing power that permeates the universe, in the Polynesian culture anyone or thing can have Mana.

It is a cultivation or possession of energy and power, being a source of power and an intentional supreme force. In the 19th Century, scholars compared Mana to a universal phenomenon. Mana is a foundation of the Polynesian worldview, a spiritual quality with a supernatural origin and a sacred, impersonal force. To have Mana implies influence, authority, and efficacy in that the ability to perform in a given situation. The quality of Mana is not limited to individuals; peoples, governments, places and inanimate objects may also possess Mana, and its possessors are accorded respect.

The pistol comes in a highly polished royal blued frame, with similar slides and accents. The barrel is made from a high polish national matched barrel and 24k gold etched motifs throughout the entire slide and frame.

Each of the 200 pistols will come with a limited-edition editorial insert and Ivory Scrimshaw finished black etched grips. If you’d like to reserve one, you can either fill out a form online at or by emailing,

Ph: (305) 505-1972