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Custom Dan Wesson Specialist Commander Two-Tone

When it comes to a Custom Dan Wesson 1911 pistol, it’s a model that has long been celebrated as a reliable tool used in the military, and more recently, adapted for use in law enforcement and self-defense. Most custom models have a shorter barrel, which reduces the firearm’s weight, and encourages better maneuverability. It’s also possible to add other features such as light or laser sights to improve the user experience due to the Tactical Rail. These name just a few of the great accessories that can be added to a Custom 1911 firearm. Another reason why this weapon is popular is because of the skeletonized hammer and “beavertail” grip safety. This feature helps reduce the likelihood the operator might get their hands hurt while firing the gun. A Custom 1911 with grip safety will also reduce the chance of dropping the firearm if your hand gets sweaty. It’s no secret that having a gun that can be adapted to the individual connoisseur or defense company continues to make the Dan Wesson model a favorite. Contact SK Guns to learn more about the Dan Wesson Custom 1911. You can browse their website for more firearm models.