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The 1984 Win/Colt Commemorative

BY: Colt Custom Shop

QTY: One of 4440
Title: The 1984 Win/Colt Commemorative, A Colt Single Action Army
Factory: Colt Custom Shop ​

Grip Material: Genuine Walnut
Finish: Royal Blye / Color Cased / 24kt Gold
Generation: Third

Manufactured Year: 1984
Serial Number: 2167WC
Caliber: 44-40 WCF
Barrel Length: 7.5”
Condition: Excellent

Original price was: $4,926.00.Current price is: $4,308.00.

Original price was: $4,926.00.Current price is: $4,308.00.

1 review for The 1984 Win/Colt Commemorative

  1. Judy Hoadley

    Absolutely beautiful.
    Somehow this email was in my spam.
    Did fix that.
    Ima gun loving country girl been shooting since I was 8 years old.
    I’d have to say unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to afford this or a lot you have but there is a couple I probably could but it take me a while to save up but from the looks of these beautiful pistols it be well worth the wait and be beyond proud to own one .
    Wish I seen and knew about this company a long time ago by now I’d have enough $ to own a 45 colt revolver they are my favorite but any reviews I like .
    Second choice e a 1911 45 colt commander my late husband had one but I did what I thought was right and what my husband would want me to do I Gabe his 1911 45 colt commander to his little brother who then decided to hand it down to his only son and only child know my husband was delighted with what I had done I could feel it.

    Now that I’ve seen these beautiful pistols and the beautiful workmanship you do I’m saving up hope I’ll own one before they put me in the ground like to see my nephew’s expression on his face when I tell him to take dam good care of this .
    He’s going to absolutely freak out when I say those words to him he’s not going to believe it .

    So darn beautiful I could look at these all day long can’t wait to tell my nephew about these beautiful pistols he’s going to drule all over himself just as I am doing.

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