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The Outdoor Wire; SK Customs Announces Zeus Addition to Gods of Olympus Engraver Series

SK Customs Announces Zeus Addition to Gods of Olympus Engraver Series

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Friday, December 17, 2021

HAYMARKET, VA – December 17, 2021 – SK Customs® is proud to introduce “ZEUS,” the second creation in the Gods of Olympus Engraver Series collection with a limited production run of 200. An approved project by Smith & Wesson® gives us the honor in growing our relationship with S&W® on their well-known Full Size 1911 E-Series (45 ACP), this custom creation was conceived to pay tribute to Zeus, the Greek God of the Sky, Ruler, Protector, and Father of all Gods and Humans. Zeus was considered the King of Mount Olympus where he ruled the Olympian World.“We are really excited to see this one come together and like so many of our SK Customs® offerings, it’s truly unique,” said SK Customs® Owner Simon Khiabani. “These guns are true works of art, and we know 1911 enthusiasts and collectors alike are going to be seriously impressed when they get their hands on one, a perfect to pair with “POSEIDON which debuted earlier this year launching the Gods of Olympus Engravers Series by Collaborating with Award Winning FEGA Master Engraver Melissa McMinn.”

To immortalize some of Zeus’s absolute powers, the slide, frame and grips feature cloud engraved scroll to represent his rule of the Sky and Weather. Picturesque artwork on the sides of the slide intensifies visual depictions of Zeus directing Lighting, Thunder, Rain and Strong Winds with his Thunderbolts as a mighty force of punishment. Zeus is portrayed in 24 KT Gold-plating with his companion Eagle (Aetos Dios) soaring steadfast selectively Copper-Plated.

The slide has a proprietary conversion coating that results in a highly reflective Sky-Blue background in the engraved areas behind the selectively gold and copper-plated artwork, The frame flats and slide have been polished to a satin finish. To tie the whole design together, the filled Greek key meander and grip art adorn the Pearl grips and select hardware has been plated in 24kt Gold and Nickel creating a stunning overall look. Rounding out this creation is the addition of new Novak front sights with a strikingly authentic center set Yellow Diamond further embodying grandeur of Zeus and the power of his Thunderbolt.

Each collector of Zeus in the Gods of Olympus Engravers Series will receive a special issued commemorative 1-oz high relief silver coin that features the observe marks of the Bank of Greece in Athens, the year of production and a profile of the Goddess Athena on one side. The reverse side showcases Zeus grasping his Thunderbolts atop of Mount Olympus with Aetos Dios soaring by his side. Each coin comes in a protective coin case which is set inside an elegant black velvet coin box labeled in Silver with the “God of Olympus- Zeus” logo art.

*This limited-edition production is offered by SK Customs® and has been approved by Smith & Wesson®. Smith & Wesson® trademarks are used by permission.

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