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“We produce the industry’s only series-driven, custom, limited-edition, collectible firearms,” says SK Guns owner and founder Simon Khiabani. It’s a mouthful, but evidently true. SK Guns has set a new standard of what uniquely custom limited-edition firearms should mean by launching themed firearm productions and building a series of guns within each theme. What sets SK Guns apart from other companies is the customs operation, called SK Customs, which secures batches of new firearms for refinement and embellishment.

Shown are the Early Italian Renaissance models created by SK Guns using Springfield Armory Garrison 1911 pistols.

SK Gun’s deals almost exclusively with handguns — revolvers and autoloaders — though it did provide an embellished rifle to raise funds on the National Wild Turkey Federation’s 50th-anniversary. The artistry in each limited-edition production run has a historical theme — a person, an event or a period. Each is typically one in a series, and the consecutive edition numbers on each production run are reserved to match those on future runs within the series. A client or SK dealer who buys into the first run has first crack at the matching edition number on all runs in that series. This option has great appeal to collectors, as it can boost the value of firearms over time.