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SK Guns Bespoke Collection

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SK Guns has introduced a new collection of one-of-a-kind firearms it calls the SK Bespoke Collection. This unique collection includes beautifully hand-carved 24k gold, fine 0.999 silver and pure platinum-inlaid one-of-ones, including some of the rarest select Colt firearms left untouched.

The collection’s matchless Colt guns have been hand selected from a variety of collectors and estates. Select hand-carved Bespoke Collectables include a custom display case. Enclosed in handpicked lumber, the cases are a perfect match for each gun.

SK Guns is launching this new segment with the FEGA Master Engraver Tom Harvey’s collection and will be adding more on a weekly basis. (Known prices shown.)

  • The 500: Colt Government Model MK IV Series 70 1911 in .45 ACP ($18,894)
  • The 1836: Colt Python in .357 Mag. ($14,184)
  • The Gold Cup Belt: Colt Gold Cup National Match 1911 in .45 ACP
  • The M1908 Type IV: Colt Pocket Hammerless in .380 ACP ($6,741)
  • The Mayberry: Colt Official Police Model in .38 Spl.
  • The Oakleaf: Colt Combat Commander 1911 in 9 mm ($4,994)
  • The Serpent: Colt Diamondback in .22 LR
  • The Signature Diamond: Colt Diamondback in .22 LR ($8,421)

“We’ve partnered with numerous FEGA Master Engravers across the Nation to present the Bespoke Collection,” Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Guns, said. “With these museum-quality, one-of-a-kind guns ready to ship, we are proud to introduce this line to firearm collectors and enthusiasts everywhere.”