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SK Customs Untamed Series Luchando Tigre Colt 1911 Government Model

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SK Customs introduces the third model in its Untamed series, the Luchando Tigre, a limited-edition Colt 1911 full-size Government Model chambered in .38 Super.

SK Guns has announced the third edition of the Untamed series that features the world’s deadliest predators called “Luchando Tigre.” This latest production in the series combines a native ritual and a deadly predator into one astonishing installment in the Untamed series.

The Luchando Tigre depicts a tiger that is wrapped around the entire slide.

“Luchando Tigre” comes from the native Atsatsilisti ritual in the Mexican state of Guerrero to offer blood to the god Tláloc and the earth in exchange for the rain necessary for a good harvest. Dressed in a tiger personification and equipped with a rope bathed in mezcal, the tribute’s shed blood is the offering required by Tláloc to send the rain. A deadly tiger is depicted wrapping around the slide leaping toward its prey with teeth and claws bared, locked on tearing apart its prey….