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SK Customs Unleashes ‘Michelangelo’ in Renaissance Firearm Series

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SK Customs and Springfield Armory collaborate to release the ‘Michelangelo’ 1911. (Photo: SK Customs)

In a unique blend of art and firepower, SK Customs and Springfield Armory have joined forces to launch the Early Italian Renaissance series.

The series kicks off with ‘Michelangelo,’ the first of four limited-edition handguns, inspired by the artistry and innovation of the 15th-century Italian Renaissance.

Each release in the series will be a collector’s dream, limited to just 250 numbered units.

The ‘Michelangelo’ model sets the bar high, featuring engravings of David and scenes from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and the “Madonna della Pietá” – some of Michelangelo’s most celebrated works.

Simon Khiabani, the owner and founder of SK Customs, spoke about the collaboration.

“The goal of the Early Italian Renaissance series is to symbolize the cultural rebirth of the 15th century and pay homage to the knowledge, art and humanism that sparked iconic paintings, sculptures and architecture during this era,” said Khiabani.

“The Michelangelo firearm strikingly introduces this series. The combination of the gold plating and the teal color conversion accents is spectacular, and we are able to pay homage to some of Michelangelo’s most iconic works,” he added.

The ‘Michelangelo’ boasts a unique teal color, achieved through SK Customs’ proprietary color conversion engineering, ensuring both vibrancy and durability.