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GUNS MAGAZINE Introduces SK Customs “Gods of Olympus Engravers Series” starting with “POSEIDON”

SK Customs is proud to introduces “POSEIDON,” the first creation in the all-new "GODS OF OLYMPUS" ENGRAVERS SERIES.

April 18, 2021 by: Guns Magazine

A Collectors 1911 Collaborated with FEGA Award Winning Master Engraver Melissa McMinn

This guaranteed collector’s item will be a limited production run of 200 and was designed in close collaboration with Master Engraver Melissa McMinn, a Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) award winner. Based on the well-known Smith & Wesson Full Size 1911 E-Series (45 ACP), this custom creation was conceived to pay homage to Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses. He was considered one of the most bad-tempered Olympian Gods and known for his violent anger.

To immortalize some of Poseidon’s characteristics the slide, frame and grips feature spiral scroll to represent high seas and rouge waves, while the fore and aft serrations on the slide represent fish like scales.

Stunning artwork on the sides of the slide adds visual depictions of Poseidon with the right side portraying a 24 KT Gold-plated Poseidon riding on Hippokampoi (fish-like horses) and thunderbolts filling the sky above them while the left side prominently features Poseidon’s infamous Trident plated in 24 KT Gold which legend says he used to control the sea and land. The most eye-catching feature of the slide is a proprietary conversion coating that results in a highly reflective Aqua Marine background in the engraved areas behind the selectively gold-plated artwork, which seems to shimmer off the overall stainless satin finish.

To tie the whole design together, Aqua Marine colored Greek key meander and other art adorn the Pearl grips and select hardware has been plated in 24kt Gold and Nickel creating a stunning overall look.

Rounding out this creation is the addition of new Novak front sights with a strikingly authentic center set Blue Diamond further embodying grandeur of Poseidon as the Greek God of the Sea.

Special Issue Commemorative Coin

When purchasing the Gods of Olympus Poseidon, collectors will receive a Special Issue commemorative coin the observe marks of the Bank of Greece in Athens, the year of production and a profile of the Goddess Athena on one side. The flip side showcases Poseidon aiming his Trident while riding Pegasus, and Arian, his immortal horses. Each coin comes in a protective coin case which is set inside an elegant black velvet coin box labeled in Silver with the “God of Olympus- Poseidon” logo art.

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